Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Introduction

For years, my father has sent me "viral" email messages from the political "right wing" fringe.

I never asked for them. I've asked him to stop.

I've tried to educate him. Asked him to look on before forwarding messages that have already been investigated and found to be untrue.

I've tried humiliation - refuting his messages to his private mail-forwarding list.

And found that just makes him angry.

I can't stop them. But I can bring these messages into the light.

So, when the media asks, "How can 24% of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim?"

Because the extremists of the right wing don't believe the news. They believe "the internet."

What is my political agenda?

Readers may ask: What is my political agenda?

I consider myself a political moderate. In the last few presidential elections, I've never loved any of the candidates. I've always picked "the less worst alternative." But to look at my voting record?

2008: McCain (Hoping that, after election, he'd become a moderate again.)
2004: Bush (and hated it. But thought Kerry would have been worse. )
2000: Gore (Again, hoping he'd turn back into slightly-left of center.)
1996: Clinton (Referred to, by my liberal friends, as "the best Republican president ever.")
1992: Clinton

That's right. In the last two presidential elections, I voted with the Republican candidate. So, clearly, I'm no fan of the left-wing political establishment either. I believe that political debate needs to be based upon the civil discussion of facts.

Granted, both parties may disagree on what the facts mean, but, without facts, no civil discussion is possible.

Here's the mail. Let's find the truth.

Why I don't publish comments

1) It's my blog. I can do what I want.

2) I don't think we need ninety-million counter-comments decrying how my sources are biased, how wrong I am for re-posting hate-filled emails, or how viral article authors are justified in trying to prevent America from becoming a "socialist" state. These discussions run counter to my purpose - to expose these beliefs to the light for rational discussion.

3) If someone writes a well-thought out comment that isn't an example of #2, I'll probably respond in a future posting. And if I'm proven wrong, I'll say so.

4) If we disagree on how well-thought-out your comment is? See rule #1.

Ready, folks? Here we go....